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All student absences must be cleared by parents as soon as possible, but not longer than three days.  Please telephone the school at (408) 423-4305 by 9:00 a.m. on the first day your child is absent and provide the following information:

  • Child name
  • Teacher’s name and room number
  • Date(s) of absence
  • Reason for the absence
  • Caller’s name and relationship to child
  • Telephone number where you can be reached

Keep your child at home if:

  • They don’t feel well
  • Have a fever above 100º within last 24 hours
  • Have vomited or had diarrhea within last 24 hours
  • Have a severe cough or cold symptoms

Requests for Homework

Homework may be requested for a child who is ill.  Please call the school office by 9:30 am to request homework, which will be available for pick up thirty minutes after school dismissal.


While we discourage missing school for appointments, students may leave during school hours for medical, dental or emergency appointments.  We request a note from your doctor verifying the appointment upon returning to school. Parents or guardians picking up students for appointments must check the student out at the school office.  No student will be allowed to leave the campus unless he/she has been signed out by an authorized adult who is listed on the emergency card, brings a handwritten note from the parent, or unless the school is in receipt of a faxed permission slip.  Please sign your child back in on the office register upon their return to school.



Students may not arrive prior to 8:00am, unless they are eating breakfast (beginning at 7:45am). Parents will accompany students to specified gates upon arrival. With the exception of the first day of school, parents will not be allowed to wait on campus (inside gates) when they arrive at school. Students will be supervised when the gates open at 8:00am. Students should walk down the hallways to the main playground and "walk and talk" on the blacktop until the bell rings. 

  • Students in the TK/Kinder playground will wait on their class lines until the bell rings at 8:10.
  • In grades 1-2, Westwood staff will supervise and direct students to their lines when the bell rings at 8:10am where they will be greeted by their teaches. Students should enter campus through the gates near the cafeteria and/or office.
  • In gradesn3-5, Westwood staff will supervise and direct students to their classrooms when the bell rings at 8:10am. Students should enter campus through the gates at the Saratoga Ave parking lot.
Students who arrive for breakfast may eat in the cafeteria and/or blue benches. TK and Kinder students will be walked to the kinder yard by staff at the 8:10am bell. All other students will be released to the blacktop area/classrooms at the 8:10am bell. 


Parents will wait outside the school gates at dismissal time. Students will be brought out to the designated dismissal locations. Students are expected to leave school at dismissal time (TK: 1:31pm, K-2: 2:11pm, 3-4: 2:36pm). All students are to be picked up on time at the end of school. Your effort in arriving on time helps keep students safe and it allows teachers to begin their work in planning and professional development. 

Parents and siblings waiting for students must wait outside the gated area for older siblings. No students should be in the hallways or play areas after school. Students not picked up on time will be waiting in the office.

Students in the "Extended Day' or "Right at School" programs need to go directly to their meeting spot afterschool and check in immediately after school. If you find yourself NOT needing the afterschool supervision on a day your child is expected to be there, you MUST sign your child out from the afterschool program, not from their classroom teacher.



Please remember that pets, including dogs on leashes or held in arms, MAY NOT come to school.  The only exception is for disabled persons’ companion dogs.